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Do you need a unique hookah? Would you like to stand out without losing the quality of hookah smoking? We offer only high-quality products tested by hundreds of customers and more than 5 years of experience!

Hookahs lex

Well-known Ukrainian hookahs are characterized by quality and smoking features that meet the standards of global manufacturers.

Increasing popularity of hookah smoking increased demand for hookah products. Pleasure of smoking depends not only on tobacco, but also on the smoking device and each of its components. That is why, it is important to choose the smoking device with the utmost seriousness.

Peculiarities of lex Hookahs

In order to please yourself with a fragrant and abundant smoke, it is better to buy a hookah at lex. Among the main advantages of these smoking devices are:

  • Superb and creative design;
  • Perfect smoking features;
  • Presence of unusual details;
  • Use in the manufacturing process the high-quality material that will not release harmful toxic agents at high temperatures.

At the web-site lex-market.com.ua, the following hookahs models are available:

  • Shapes;

Abundance of diverse colors, forms, and designs allows everyone to select the best variant and get pleasure of smoking hookahs.

A significant advantage of these smoking devices is that their vases are made of shatterproof glass and will not get smashed even if fallen on the floor.

Exclusive bowls that are often made of clay have excellent heat resistance, uniformly heat the tobacco, and prevent its scorching.

The stem deserves special attention. It is manufactured of a stainless steel, cools smoke perfectly, and retains harmful particles.

Buy the lex hookah in Kyiv to get stylish décor and high-quality smoking device.

This hookah may become a good gift, since it is packed in wooden case that permits to present it strikingly to your friends and acquaintances.

Where to Buy lex Hookah?

The web site of the online store LEX offers a wide range of smoking devices and accessories. You can find in the catalog:

  • Vases;
  • Bowls;
  • Mouthpieces;

High-quality photos and detailed descriptions of each article will facilitate your choice and allow you to become an owner of the desired product in a short time.

Choose the top-quality local products that are time proved and sold at compatible prices to enjoy remarkable and pleasant pastime.

How Do We Work?

Submit a Request

Fill out the form on the web site or call us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Formation of an Order

We discuss and confirm the ordered LEX products.

Payment and Production

We receive the prepayment for the products and complete an order.

Ready LEX Products

We check on every item and send it to the customer.


Technological Peculiarities


Our own sketches and elaboration of design-models for every item: vase, bowl, stem, and mouthpiece


Use of high-quality materials and check of every item on each stage of manufacturing process: clay, wood, metal, and even glass!

“Ready to Use” Products

We develop individual products to order. We work thoroughly at each product and get the best results.


We manufacture unique products and produce bulk batches. Call for the details.

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